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AK 47 Assault Rifles AR-15 Assault Rifles Handguns
Arsenal AK 47 Rifles
Bulgarian AK47
Romanian AK47
Russian AK 47

Yugoslavian AK 47

AR 15 Home Page
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AR 15 Accessories
AR 15 Chambers
AR 15 Collapsable Stock
AR 15 Stripper Clips
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  FAL Rifle
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M2 Machine Gun
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M240 Machine Gun
Vickers Machine Gun
VZ 61 Scorpion Submachine Gun
S&W Model 76 Submachine Gun
American 180 Submachine Gun
M-10 .45 Military Arm Submachine Gun
Steyr MPI 69
S&W Model 76
Short Barreled Rifles (SBR)
Beretta 92FS with Suppressor
DS Arms TP=9
FN FS2000
H&K 51A3 Terry Dyer
H&K 51A2 Terry Dyer
DPMS Panther Kitty Kat 7"
In Range AKS 74
Arsenal Bulgarian 107UR (Bulgarian Krinkov)
Colt M4
Colt 11.5" Commando Machine Gun
Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS)
Fab Arm FP-6
Benelli M1 Super 90 Entry
Pre May Dealer Samples
Colt M4LE with M203 Grenade Launcher
IMI UZI Submachine Gun
Any Other Weapons (AOW)
Ithaca 37 Stakeout
Mossberg 590
Remington 870 12"
Remington 870 10"
Destructive Devices
Colt M203 Grenade Launcher
Striker 12 Gauge Shotgun
USAS-12 Shotgun
Cobray Streetsweeper

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Transferable Machine Guns

By Manufacturer
Arsenal AK 47's   Beretta
Arsenal AK 47: SA M-7 R  

Beretta Shotguns
Giubileo Shotgun
Giubileo II Shotgun
Express SSO6 Shotgun
SO5 Shotgun

Beretta Cx4 Storm

Beretta Handguns
U22 Neo Target Pistols
Stampede Gemini Revolver
Stampede Buntline Carbine
90-Two Pistol
Stampede Deluxe Revolver
Laramie Revolver
Px4 Storm Pistol
Bobcat Pistol

Beretta Rifles
Sako 75 Big Game Deluxe
Sako 75 Custom Single Shot Rifle
Sako 75 Deluxe Rifle
Sako 75 Finnlight Rifle
Sako 75 Grey Wolf Rifle
Sako 75 Hunter Rifle
Tikka T3 Big Boar Rifle
Tikka T3 Super Varmint Rifle
Tikka T3 Hunter Rifle
Tikka T3 Laminated Stainless Rifle
Tikka T3 Lite Rifle

Browning Bushmaster AR-15's Colt
NRA A-Bolt Wildlife Conservation Collection
RMEF A-Bolt White Gold
RMEF A-Bolt Special Hunter
A-Bolt Varmint Stalker
A-Bolt Stainless Stalker
A-Bolt SSA Varmint Mossy Oak Brush
BAR ShortTrac Mossy Oak Break-Up
BAR Safari
BAR LongTrac, Left-Hand
BAR LongTrac Mossy Oak Brush
BLR Lightweight with Takedown Pistol Grip
BLR Lightweight '81 Mossy Oak Brush
BLR Lightweight '81 Takedown
BLR Lightweight '81
AR 15 Varminter Rifle .223
AR 15 O.R.C. (Optics Ready Carbine)
AR 15 A3 20in Rifle

AR 15 V Match Carbine
AR 15 16in Modular Carbine
AR 15 Carbon 15 "Flat-top"
AR 15 Carbon 15 R97F
AR 15 Carbon 15 9mm Carbine
AR 15 Carbon 15 9mm Carbine Pistol
AR 15 SuperLight Carbines
AR 15 Carbon 15 Pistols
AR 15 Carbon 15 R21 Rifle
AR 15 11.5" Bbl. Carbine with 5.5" Suppressor

AR 15 Parts
Bushmaster AR 15 Stocks
Bushmaster AR 15 Upper Receiver
Bushmaster AR 15 Lower Receiver
Gold Cup Trophy
1991 Series
.38 Super
Single Action Army
Colt Defender
Colt WWI Replica 1911
Special Combat Government

DPMS Panther Arms Ed Brown GLOCK Handguns

DPMS Panther LR-204 AR 15
DPMS Race Gun AR 15
DPMS Panther Bull 20 AR 15
DPMS Panther Bull 24 AR 15
DPMS Bull 24 Special AR 15
DPMS Bull Sweet 16 AR15
DPMS Bull Classic AR 15
DPMS Arctic Panther AR 15
DPMS Panther DCM AR 15
DPMS Panther SDM-R AR 15
DPMS Panther Mark 12 AR15
DPMS Pardus AR15
DPMS Lo-Pro Classic AR15
DPMS Southpaw Panther Left-Hand AR 15
DPMS Panther Classic AR 15
DPMS Panther Lite 16 AR15
DPMS Panther Lite 20 AR15
DPMS Panther Mini SASS AR15
DPMS “The Agency Rifle” AR 15
DPMS AP4 Carbine AR 15
DPMS AP4 Carbine w Miculek Comp AR15
DPMS A2 Tactical 16" AR 15
DPMS Panther Carbine AR15
DPMS Carbine A2 AR 15
DPMS Classic 16 AR 15
DPMS Pump Action Rifle AR 15
DPMS Pump Action Pistol AR 15
DPMS Single Shot Rifle

About DPMS Panther Arms

Custom Classic .45 1911
Executive Target .45 1911
Executive Elite .45 1911
Executive Carry .45 1911
Kobra 1911 .45
Kobra Carry 1911 .45

Glock 17 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 17C 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 19 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 19C 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 20 10mm Pistol
Glock 20C 10mm Pistol
Glock 21 .45 Pistol
Glock 21C .45 Pistol
Glock 22 .40 Cal Pistol
Glock 22C .40 Cal Pistol
Glock 23 .40 Cal Pistol
Glock 23C .40 Cal Pistol
Glock 25 .38 Pistol
Glock 26 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 27 .40 Cal Pistol
Glock 28 .38 Pistol
Glock 29 10mm Pistol
Glock 30 .45 Pistol
Glock 31 .357 Pistol
Glock 31C .357 Pistol
Glock 32 .357 Pistol
Glock 32C .357 Pistol
Glock 33 .357 Pistol
Glock 34 9mm Hand Gun
Glock 35.40 Cal Pistol
Glock 36 .45 Pistol
Glock 37 .45 GAP Pistol
Glock 38 .45 GAP Pistol
Glock 39 .45 GAP

Kel-Tec Firearms Kimber Firearms Les Baer
Kel Tec PF-9 9mm
Kel Tec P-11 9mm
Kel Tec P-32 .32
Kel Tec .380 P3AT
Kel Tec PLR 16 5.56/.223

Kel Tec Sub 2000 Rifle
Kel Tec SU 16A
Kel Tec SU 16B
Kel Tec SU 16C

.45 Custom II by Kimber
.45 Custom Target II
.45 Stainless Target II
.45 Stainless TLE II
.45 Custom/Stainless TLE RL
.45 Warrior by Kimber
.45 Desert Warrior
.45 Royal II by Kimber
.45 Stainless II

.45 Gold Match II by Kimber
.45 Stainless Gold Match II
.45 Target Match by Kimber
.45 Team Match II by Kimber

.45 Compact Stainless II
.45 Pro Carry II by Kimber
.45 Pro Carry Stainless II
.45 Pro Carry Stainless HD II
.45 Pro Tel II (LG)
.45 Pro TLE/RL II Stainless Pro TLE/RL II

.45 Ultra Carry II
.45 Stainless Ultra Carry II
.45 Ultra Carry II with Night Sights & Lasergrips

Kimber Valier SXS .20, .16 GA
Kimber Marias O/U Shotgun

84M Classic Kimber Rifle
84M Montana Rifle
84M Pro Varmint Kimber
84M SVT Short Varmint/target
84M LongMaster VT Kimber

About Les Baer

Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master 6" Model Pistol
Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Compensated Pistol
Les Baer 1911 Premier II© 5" Model Pistol
Les Baer 1911 Concept I© Pistol

Les Baer Custom Ultimate AR .223 Super Varmint Model
Les Baer 6.5 Grendel Super Varmint Model

Mossberg Shotgus & Rifles Nighthawk Custom .45's Sig Arms

935 Magnum Autoloader
930 Autoloader
835 Ulti-Mag Pump Action
835® Ulti-Mag® Tactical Turkey™ Hunting Series
535 ATS (All Terrain Shotgun)

500 Pump Action
500 Bantam and 505 Youth Series
Mossberg Shotguns: 500® Special Purpose
500 J.I.C.™ (Just In Case) Shotguns

Mossberg International™ Reserve Series™ O/U
Grand Slam Turkey Series™
Flyway Series™ Waterfowling Shotguns

.45 Talon II by Nighthawk
.45 Talon III by Nighthawk
.45 Talon IV by Nighthawk
.45 Talon 5" by Nighthawk
.45 GRP by Nighthawk
.45 GRP Recon by Nighthawk
.45 Predator I by Nighthawk
.45 Predator II by Nightahawk
.45 Predator III Nightahawk
.45 Dominator by Nighthawk
.45 T3 Carry Gun
.45 10-8 by Nighthawk

.45 Heinie Tactical Carry by Nighthawk
.45 Vickers Tactical by Nighthawk
About Nighthawk
Nighthawk Craftmanship
Perma Kote Technology
Novak Sites
Crimson Trace Laser Grips

SIG SAUER P220 Match
SIG SAUER P220 Super Match
SIG SAUER P220 Two-Tone

SIG SUAER P226R Equinox
SIG SAUER P226R Blackwater
SIG SAUER P229R Equinox

SIG Blaser R93 LRS2 Rifle
SIG 556 Rifle

Sig Quality
Sig Accuracy

Smith and Wesson Stag AR 15 Firearms STI International

Sigma Series SW9VE 9mm
Sigma Series SW40VE
Sigma Series SW9GVE
Sigma Series SW40GVE
M&P Pistol

360 Revolver
442 Revolver
637 Revolver
637 Carry Combo
638 Revolver
642 Revolver
642CT Revolver
642LS Revolver
Model 10 Revolver
617 4" 10-Shot
617 6" 6-Shot
617 6" 10-Shot
686 2.5" Revolver
686 4" Revolver
686 6" Revolver
625 Revolver
625JM Revolver

M&P15 AR 15
M&P15A AR 15
M&P15T AR 15

AR 15 Model 1 Right Handed
AR 15 Model 1L Left Handed
AR 15 Model 2 Right Handed
AR 15 Model 2L Left Handed
AR 15 Model 2T Right Handed
AR 15 Model 2TL Left Handed
AR 15 Model 3 Right Handed
AR 15 Model 3L Left Handed
AR 15 Model 4 Right Handed
AR 15 Model 4L Left Handed
AR 15 Model 5 Right Handed
AR 15 Model 5L Left Handed

AR 15 Stocks
AR 15 Upper Receiver
AR 15 Lower Receiver


STI Texican .45 Revolver

STI LS 1911 Handgun
STI Spartan .45 Handgun
STI RangeMaster 1911 Pistol
STI TargetMaster 1911 Pistol
STI Escort 1911 Handgun
STI Guardian 1911 Handgun
STI Duty CT 1911 Pistol
STI Duty One 1911 Pistol
STI Ranger II 1911 Pistol
STI Lawman 1911 Handgun
STI Trojan 5.0 1911 Handgun
STI Trojan SS 1911 Handgun
STI Trojan 6.0 1911 Pistol
STI Sentinel 1911 Pistol

STI Eagle 5.0 1911 Pistol
STI Eagle 6.0 1911 Pistol
STI USPSA 1911 Handgun
STI Executive 1911 Pistol
STI Tactical 4.15 Pistol
STI Tactical 5.0 Pistol
STI Legend 2011 Pistol
STI TruBor 2011 Race Gun
STI TruBor Grandmaster
STI TruSight Race Gun
STI Edge 2011 Race Gun

Wilson Combat    

Wilson Combat AR 15s
UT-15 Urban Tactical Rifle
M-4T Tactical Carbine
SS-15 Super Sniper Rifle
UT-15 Urban Tactical Rifle w/quad rail handguards
M4 Tactical Carbine w/Quad Rail Handguards

Wilson Combat AR 15 Parts
15 Stocks
AR 15 Upper Receiver
AR 15 Lower Receiver

Wilson Combat .45 Guns
.45 Tactical Super Compact
.45 Tactical Elite Custom
.45 Sentinel Custom
.45 Tactical Super Grade Custom
.45 Classic Super Grade
.45 SDS (Stealth Defense System)
.45 CQB
.45 Carry Comp Pro
.45 Professional Model
.45 Classic
.45 KZ-45
9mm ADP
.45 Elite Professional
.45 CQB Compact
.45 CQB Light Rail
.45 Professional Stainless S.

Wilson Combat Shotguns
12 gauge Standard Model
12 gauge Border Patrol Model
12 gauge Professional Model

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  Guns for Sale
  Spikes Tactical
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/7"B.A.R only $1,124.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/7"S.A.R. only $1,202.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/9"S.A.R. only 1,219.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/12" BAR only $1,170.99
  ST M4 16" LE Carbine w/ 10" BAR only $1,159.99
  ST M4 16" LE Carbine w/9" BAR only $1249.99
  ST Pure Estrogen Mid-Length Rifle only $1,369.99
  ST- Black Assassin 5.56 14.5" (16"OAL) only $1,925.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 9" BAR only $1,159.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 10" BAR only $1,171.99
  ST-15 16"Mid-length LE w/13.2" S.A.R. only $1,258.99
  ST-15 16" M4 LE Carbine
only $949.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE Rifle only $959.99
  Wilson Combat - Rifles
  SBR Tactical only $2249.99
  SPR Special Purpose Rifle only $2224.99
  Recon SR Tactical only $2249.99
  .308 Project only $2995.99
  Recon Tactical only $2299.99
  Recon SR Tactical only $2249.99
  Paul Howe Tactical Carbine only $2599.99
  Wilson Combat - Handguns
  Classic only $3029.99
  Classic Supergrade only $5195.99
  CQB only $2865.99
  CQB Elite only $3425.99
  Adams Arms
  16" Mid Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,394.99
  14.5" Mid Evo Ultra Lite Rifle only $1459.99
  16" Mid Evo Ultra Lite Rifle only $1,743.99
  16" Carbine Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,326.99
  14.5" Mid Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,378.99
  16" 16" Carbine Base Rifle only $994.99
  16" Carbine Tactical Elite Rifle only $1,326.99


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