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Used Heckler & Koch USP40
Used Heckler & Koch Handguns

Looking for a concealed carry pistol? Hunting for a rifle or shotgun? Searching for a rare antique? Regardless of what you’re shoppingfor, packs used guns for virtually any need. Whether you’re a collector searching for an historic piece, a hunter tracking down a reliable varminter, or you’re just looking to save money on a Glock, we’re sure to have just the used guns you need at prices you can handle. Plus, with exceptional customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re confident that you’ll not only get great used guns the first time around; you’ll keep coming back for all your handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and other firearms.

Our inventory of used guns is updated daily! To see more, click below.

We are currently in the process of adding 500+ more to our online stock, so check back frequently for updates.

Used Glock 17
View our used handgun inventory!
used colt single action army set
View our used specialty guns for sale!
used kimber classic stainless gold match
Used Kimber Handguns
used smith and wesson 1911ss
Used Smith and Wesson Handguns
used taurus 445
Used Taurus Handguns
used wilson combat classic
Used Wilson Combat Handguns
Used Glock 17 Cut Away
Used Glock Handguns
Used Beretta Model 96
Used Beretta Handguns
used sig arms p220
Used Sig Handguns
used springfield armory 1911-a1
Used Springfield Handguns
Used Kahr Arms MK40 with Night Sights
Used Kahr Handguns
Used Colt Diamond Back
Used Colt Handguns
Used IMI Uzi 9mm Pistol
Used Specialty Handguns


used winchester model 94 rifle
View our used rifle inventory!
used sauer drilling shotgun
View our used shotgun inventory!
Used Bushmaster M4A3
View our used assault rifle inventory!

Call 1-866-574-GUNS(4867) to place an order or for more information.


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  Spikes Tactical
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/7"B.A.R only $1,124.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/7"S.A.R. only $1,202.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/9"S.A.R. only 1,219.99
  ST 15 16" M4 LE Carbine w/12" BAR only $1,170.99
  ST M4 16" LE Carbine w/ 10" BAR only $1,159.99
  ST M4 16" LE Carbine w/9" BAR only $1249.99
  ST Pure Estrogen Mid-Length Rifle only $1,369.99
  ST- Black Assassin 5.56 14.5" (16"OAL) only $1,925.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 9" BAR only $1,159.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 10" BAR only $1,171.99
  ST-15 16"Mid-length LE w/13.2" S.A.R. only $1,258.99
  ST-15 16" M4 LE Carbine
only $949.99
  ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE Rifle only $959.99
  Wilson Combat - Rifles
  SBR Tactical only $2249.99
  SPR Special Purpose Rifle only $2224.99
  Recon SR Tactical only $2249.99
  .308 Project only $2995.99
  Recon Tactical only $2299.99
  Recon SR Tactical only $2249.99
  Paul Howe Tactical Carbine only $2599.99
  Wilson Combat - Handguns
  Classic only $3029.99
  Classic Supergrade only $5195.99
  CQB only $2865.99
  CQB Elite only $3425.99
  Adams Arms
  16" Mid Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,394.99
  14.5" Mid Evo Ultra Lite Rifle only $1459.99
  16" Mid Evo Ultra Lite Rifle only $1,743.99
  16" Carbine Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,326.99
  14.5" Mid Tactical Evo Rifle only $1,378.99
  16" 16" Carbine Base Rifle only $994.99
  16" Carbine Tactical Elite Rifle only $1,326.99


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